Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kural Tamil Software

Dowload using the following link

Kural Tamil Software is a keyboard manager that helps to directly input Tamil in any Microsoft Windows Applications. It can be used with MS Office, Open Office, Star Office, Google’s Docs & Spreadsheet, WordPad, Notepad, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Adobe products and many more applications. And also helps to chat in Tamil using Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and AIM chat clients.

With full Unicode support, now you can send and receive Tamil Unicode mails, chat in Unicode Tamil and search the web for Unicode Tamil contents and more.

Kural Tamil software is bundled with Kavithai – a Tamil/English word processor, Paravai – an SMTP based email client, Encoding converter, Thendral – a compact, portable Kural and Osai – a Tamil text to speech engine.

  • Salient Features:
  • Sophisticated Keyboard Manager.
  • Supports Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.
  • Improved Unicode support.
  • Supports UNICODE, TSCII, TAB, TAM, LIPI and T_OLD encoding.
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced bi-lingual User interfaces.
  • Unicode enabled Kavithai Tamil/English word processor.
  • Paravai SMTP based email client, now you can send emails using your GMail account.
  • Improved encoding converter supports Unicode, TSCII, TAB, TAM and LIPI encoding.
  • Thendral – a compact, portable Kural, carry around with you on any portable devices like USB drive, floppy disk, portable hard drive, memory card etc.
  • Osai - Tamil Text to Speech engine, it will speak out your Tamil documents.
  • Can be used with any Unicode, TSCII, TAB, TAM and LIPI fonts.
  • Supports English phonetic, Tamil99, New Typewriter and Old Typewriter keyboard layouts.
  • PDF formatted Kural user manual in Tamil and English.
  • Easy to use Onscreen Keyboard